More on the evaluation. Package and show

The hour long show.

The one hour long show, I feel was okay but could of had a lot more improvements. Firstly because the script was only finished on the day of the show, so we didn’t have enough time to practise it, and also because we had to Improvise for the end. This resulted in me making a huge mistake at the end by saying a word i shouldn’t of said. However on the other hand. we have managed to make up some stories and a chat, that was pretty good. But for the future the script will have to been done a lot more in advance

(for the script please look at the last page)


For the music, we planned to put some background music to our voices but ended up not using it. I feel it was a shame because I was the one that had the role and responsibility to choose the beat and put it on the system and so i did. But when we decided to take it off i was a bit devastated because it was part of my work. However that seemed to actually work because our target audience was based as BBC radio Scotland target audience and they don’t always have that music in the background, they have more speech driven shows. Also I feel that most of our packages had music in the background that gave the show a more of an up beat feel and fur filled for the music that wasn’t there. But if i could change something I would certainly make sure there is some background music to fit in with the radio station because this would aid, to all the parts that have dead air. and also the music would give more of a relaxed feel to the show.

Producing during the show.

I feel everyone worked well on this because, all the levels where correct , nothing was peaking, all the carts, indents and packages where played at the right time. The only fault i could find was at the start of the show, when we had some problems going live. But in the end things resulted pretty well.

The Team during the show.

I feel the team during the show was really good because we all knew where to go, where to stand and what to do. Our communication was really good with each other because one of us was taking the time, to see if we where going in at the right time.  and there was different people doing different jobs. Also if there was questions someone would answer them and make sure that the person asking would understand. So this was also a really good feature to our show.

 The team during prep stage. 

At the start of the project, the team and I where doing really well with going to meetings, making sure people would meet  deadlines and that was great. But with time people slowly started to fall behind, our communication was good  but nobody wanted to push people to accomplishment because people didn’t want to fall out with each other I believe. But this resulted in us not having enough time to practise or write the script or not finishing the documentary on the day we decided to. However we did have good communication which meant we tried helping each other as much as we could, which then lead in some arguments because too many people where busy and not meeting there responsibility. So surly for the future I would push the team more rather than focusing on just completing my work.


The Guest we had for the show was perfect I believe. This is because she gave a lot of information in a way that wasn’t boring, she knew what she was talking about and answered all the questions fantastically. Additionally even though she was young and a DJ she was very professional in the way she talked on the show and acted this I believe helped us appeal to an older audience and that’s exactly what BBC Scotland want. For the future i would certainly have more guests like her because she was also ready before the show, was very friendly and when contacted she came back to us pretty soon. Also the job of getting the guest was Papi’s and he done a great job in getting her for all the reasons above.

Health and Safety.

I already talked about the health and safety I’ve done that for the show and for the package. However I just wanted to mention that i feel that all I have done was more than enough simply because there has been no injures or broken equipment or even lost equipment. I do classify that as a success and I would most certainly do  all the checks i done during the interviews and the show again  and complete the risk management form for all of it making sure i cover everything.



Legal and ethics.

For the legal requirements I have got all the legal forms signed to do the interviews and that was fantastic also I made sure i didn’t change the meaning of the interviewer at any point during the interview so that i can actually bring there views out on the package so I will most certainly do the all again also I respected all offcoms rules and restrictions a part from the bad word that i said on the show. That was a huge mistake and to make sure that never happens again I will be rehearsing my part more and making sure the script is written before. additionally for the future I will comply by all the rules like I done this time and be fully legal. I have also made sure there was no other documentary like mine so i wouldn’t go against the law of copy right and I made sure that I wasn’t defaming at any point on the documentary or on the show because other wise people could of sued me.

script for the show.PNG

This is the link to the show

this is the Link to package


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