Evaluation of 1 hour show

My group and I have chosen a radio station to do a one hour show. This included in creating a documentary for the specific radio station in question. The radio station we chose was BBC Scotland, because after many discussions  we based the choice in  something we all wanted to talk about so that included culture and music mainly. I believe that, that was a great way of discussing  what are options where because we all had our say and everyone had there inputs on the discussion.

In addition I also believe, that when each member of the team chose the story for there package, each story was suitable to our target audience because we where basing it with exactly what BBC Scotland was looking for and this included in trying to engage with a more  female audience, this was done by Papi and Ida with there documentary’s, and also we looked at talking about the culture of Scotland with Kelly,Andrew and myself.

I believe that the documentary’s where fantastic in the way they where edited and the way they where presented in the end. However I encountered various problems in the process, one of which  was that the documentary’s where finished just on time for the show, that excludes Papi and myself because we had finished them before hand. This is unacceptable on behalf of the team, because that led them in missing deadlines we had assigned our self within the team and has pushed dates for meetings and rehearsals.

That meant that the script writing was rushed because the person that had to write it was behind, and caught up with us right on time for the show. But  that also meant we all had to write our part of the script and that was a issue because our team members have all concluded it only on the day of the show, This hasn’t allowed us to have enough practise to know our parts inside out and meant we had to wing it for the end of the show because we didn’t have enough material ready that then led me into saying a wrong word, live on the show.

I learnt from this, that even if you have completed your work you have to try push the team to do it before hand, and make sure you have a full script and have extra material to talk about just in case of the chat dies out.  This will also allow you more rehearsal time, that won’t make you panic and will make you feel ready for the show.

There has been a lot of ups and downs in my team but I have to say we have had many discussions and fights, for what i believe was due to personal life and panic towards the show. I do recommend in trying to keep personal and social life out of work, this  will help but it can be a very hard thing to do. I have also learnt with my team, that sometimes even if something is wrong, but you can’t get to a conclusion with the rest of the team sometimes it’s best to just accept there idea even if you don’t agree with it. This will allow you to continue and move on.

we all also had responsibility which everyone was involved in, in different ways. My role and responsibility was to find background music for the show. I found the perfect music that suited BBC Scotland target audience because it was very easy listening and up beat, but not standing out too much in front of the presenters voice. I had chosen a few instrumentals to play underneath our show just so it vary, but sadly my team decides to not use any music on the day of the show, that makes me feel really bad because i have put a lot of effort in searching the right sound for BBC radio Scotland. For next time I would like to make it clear that if a job is given to me, I would like that work to be used.

However there was good communication within the team, by creating meetings and online chats for the people that weren’t able to go to the meetings. I do believe that most of our communication was by social media and that created something like a wall between people because sometimes I found it hard to express myself, and I feel that people don’t really want to write a lot and go into detail with where they are with the work. So it might create some miss understanding.

Further more, we also had a guest for the show.  we made sure for health and safety reasons that the studio was clear from any danger, A good example of this is any lying wires or any  microphones or microphone stands lying around.putting away all sharp objects and also making a health and safety form which was handed to the guest prior to coming in, in case of any accidents.

To conclude, I would like to finish of in talking about my producing that i think was very effective, because i had all the levels right when recorded and played the carts and the documentary’s at the right times. Also the flow of the show was really fluent by putting Celtic connection first then going into music and to then finish off with horror because it gave  structure to the show. If i could go back i would certainly improve my script writing because my vocabulary and my accent or not suitable for the radio station chosen so I would make sure i have more practise on that.

I would also like to point out that the show went out for what i believe was the right time, because it was of a very light subject so that the people that where listening could enjoy it, and be relaxed at the same time. without having to focus to much on the subject. This could also be played during the night as a specialist show, just so that it can connect to different audiences that have enough time to listen to it. Not like breakfast time which is very busy quick and full of music,




meetings times and min also this includes any extra evidence needed.

so this was to make sure the meeting where recoreded and uploaded so this is the link to the major meeting with papi and andrew where you may find a lot more information on the prior posts the link is


for the fist meeting you can find the link below

The Right Idea for the Documentary

So After my 3 ideas for my documentary I have come to the right choice I have chosen to do it on the differences between more classic rap such as old school compared to grime. I have chosen this Idea because I believe that is very popular and will work with the rise of grime music in today’s society. I do believe it’s perfect for the radio that we chosen, that is Radio Scotland because there is a huge scene in Grime in Scotland and not only in England also this documentary won’t be targeted to listeners of Hip hop music or this genre of music because they will mainly know the differences where as see that grime scene is becoming very big and popular and also its becoming a Scottish culture and there is a lot of Scottish artists for this type of music,  it’s to inform people that have never heard this type of music and give them enough knowledge on the subject in a way that they understand the main meaning of this type of music. Also it’s going to be the done really basic so that they can relate and understand the slang and meanings of things that they wouldn’t usually. Choosing this subject allows me to use some connections that I have to get the right Interviews and use those connections to make a perfect documentary where as for the lack of females in rap I do believe its going to be harder to create because we would have to target the documentary towards a radio this is more like BBC radio because this has to be targeted to rap and hip hop fans or people that are interested and i don’t think Radio Scotland will have the right target audience for this. I also don’t know many female rappers that will give me enough material to create a good documentary. Also I don’t think the other Idea about the future of Scottish rugby would mach me because I love rugby but don’t think i can create it in away that can appeal to the rugby fans plus i haven’t been playing for a few years so my connections aren’t the best and my knowledge in the recent years has decreased so I do believe I wouldn’t do a perfect job with it and also I believe I wouldn’t have enough time to cover the whole of the story within the 7 – 8 min of the documentary.  (attached in my media folders you will find the power point i used for my presentation pitch to say why I have chosen this idea and more on my different types of researches that i have made )

Idea Number 3 Future for the Scottish Rugby Team

This My idea number three. I was thinking of looking at the youths in Scotland and young players to see where the Scottish rugby is going with years time.

This would be very good because its based in Scotland so hopefully to get the interviews wont be too hard also I have been trained by Graham Shiel when I played for Royal High he is the skills coach of the Scotland rugby 7’s team. He is now retired from playing rugby, having made 18 appearances for the Scotland national rugby union team and once for the national sevens team.

Also I believe this is one of the major sports In Scotland that can appeal to a lot of people.


Idea Number Two Females in Rap

This is the second Idea I have. To give a better view of this I want to talk about the lack of female rappers and hip hop artists. This may go towards equality of the sex and if they are treated the same. I thought rap is my passion but I don’t know as many female rappers in the game as much as males but I know the audience for this type of music is very average between the two sexes so there isn’t a proper reason to explain why male artists are so predominant as it is. Also i know the theme of our one hour program is music and entertainment so it fits perfect also what make it even better is that Papi that is part of my group is going to do females in DJ and Ida is going to do females creating platforms at least this is what they mentioned.

Idea N1 for the documentary ( The raise of Grime in the Rap culture )

I was thinking of this simply because it perfect for my field of study I know the rap scene very well meaning i wouldn’t have a problem contacting the right people for the interviews such as more old school rappers and grime artists and also include producers and music makers because a lot have had to change the way they create music to give the grime artist what they want compared to the older type of rap and i think that they would be more able to give us the very technical side of grime compared to rap. It would also hit the target audience for BBC radio 1 for the music taste and the age of the audience for the gender of the person I’m targeting this for its going to be very gender natural so that all can relate having different guests coming into the show. On the other hand it’s going to be hard to get more famous rappers and at the same time keep that equability between the two genre of rap and keeping that open mentality. I also feel i can look at the  this subject within the time given without going over or under.

Radio Station for Documentary (team chat)

We have been set in teams for this documentary and even if we don’t know yet what it will be about we have discussed what we are mainly going for, so our main conclusion was to go for something that all the people in the team can relate and has meaning to them so that they will tackle the documentary in a positive way. We thought of the various radio station  and we did think that the best one would of been radio 1 and 1 extra  for the time simply for the target audience being young ranging from 15 to 29 that means that we are thinking to  do a fast fade documentary and go with a very up-beat presenter  and it going to go for related stories. We where thinking of the areas we want to do our show on and our thoughts are to stay on our strong ground by sticking to entertainment and music so it can cover a variety of subjects going from rap to comedy passing by video games and also by choosing radio  one this allows us not to be limited by focusing on one place in the UK but the UK as a whole. Looking at the language for this documentary i believe its going to be very informal even if informative but it will depend on the specific documentary but it will be brought to the listener  in away that will target the younger audience this may include fast fading,up-beat presenter, up-beat music, slang may be used or even friendly and informal.and there is different ways as well that we will explore on our weekly meeting to make sure we choose the correct station and meet the target audience we are looking for.

costs for the documentary

For the documentary there are going to be costs involved going from the studio to the software used to edit so just wanted to make people aware how much approximately it will cost with the list of all the equipment.

product cost
1 presenter voice over £125
2 fees for broadcast of the voice £60
3 Studio booking 2 hours £60
4 laptop £700
5 headphones £130
6 portable microphone £120
7 editing software £505.17
8 Travel £150
9 sound effects £100
10 my fee £1500
11 other £100

total 3550.17

Analysis Of Brief

We have just enhanced a task where we have to conduct a one hour long show with a Group of people, and each one will provide a documentary. At the moment we don’t know any of the main information such as what is the show going to be about and which is the station we are going to broadcast on etcetera, etcetera. However there are still lots of things to think about before that because we will be looking at different stations and knowing the station this will allow us on how to conduct our documentary and what our documentary will be about because you are looking at the target audience the pace the style of the documentary meaning who are you aiming this documentary why are you doing it and is this radio you are broadcasting on reaching the right audience because if not you might want to change. Also you might have the right station in style and reaching the correct target audience meaning that it a peals to the right age, gender,interest,social life and lots more of the radio station but you have to think about at what time your show is suitable for such as is it good for drive time or breakfast or maybe more of a late night because it more informative show, this will all depend on what radio station you’re on and what your documentary is about

Also you need to think of what your package is about so knowing the station its going to be on, you will know is it going to be fast with bed music or slow and more talkative or maybe a mix of both or it has sounds to create more of a story arc you just cant tell but we are able to think about it. It is also very Important to think about what is needed such as the research we need to do for the interview how to conduct it and where to get the interviewers and making sure we know these people and we know what we are talking about, and this can be done through internet, books, and social media or even networking with people there are lots of ways to gain this information.

We also have to think about that we wont be working alone the whole time it will be a team effort for the hour long show so you need to make sure you get along with everyone and make sure everyone is at the right stage meaning you have to do the correct planning to see what is coming next and have deadline days for things to be finished that day so everyone is on top of there work therefore we can proceed to success to aid to making sure we hit the deadlines right we should have weekly meetings with the groups making sure everyone is ok with the work and before doing the show or anything we should do practice runs. Naturally not everything can be set and things can be done at different times but making sure you are on top of them is certainly the most important thing.

We will also be requiring a lot of equipment this can be hardware or software such we will need microphones we will need the studio to record also we will need a computer to do the work and pro tools to edit and in a real life situation all of this equipment has a cost so in a real life situation we need to think how much money do we have to buy the programs or if we have enough to rent or buy this will even include things such as travel money because you might have to travel to get your interview so train bus or plane ticket will all be included.

We also have to look at the health and safety of our project and there maybe very different things regarding this because it could mean the health and safety of our selfs when we go to interview a stranger we don’t know and don’t have enough information about, we might want to take a friend and meet this person in a public place or it could be someone els’s health and safety meaning going in the day before making sure there is no cables laying around on the floor where people can trip on, this can be very important to do before your interviewer comes in or even just making sure there is no liquid near the equipment.