preparation before the show (safety)

So with my team we where planing to do a run through on the Monday when we had the show on Wednesday and didn’t go well because only me and Papi showed up, we managed to connect with the parts we had to do but we weren’t able to conclude everything because we where still missing part of the script but we spoke with the rest of the group via Facebook to keep in contact and make sure they would do the right things, That went ok. I do believe there was a lack of conclusion within the team and bits where rushed. we then organised to meet on the Tuesday so we could do more and time it and that came round to be okay, the only problem there was still things to be done on the script and we where worried of how it would work out with the guest because we weren’t sure how long they would talk for so we allocated enough time for her  and if she didn’t speak much we would be able to continue the chat with the last Documentary  so we all relaxed to that idea. We also made sure the day before we had here in there was no dangling wires or stuff lying on the floor or any risk of any problems to make her come in, we also made sure she had a pair of headphones so if she wanted she could hear the whole show.



I have decided to put background music to the documentary. I wasn’t sure of what to put I wanted to put something that would be pretty neutral between rap and grime so i went with (2pac going through changes) but then i heard the documentary as a whole and thought the music being the same the whole time makes you zone out. So i decided to put lots of different beats and the best part of this is that every time the documentary talks about grime there will be a grime beat and every time its talking about hip hop there is a hip hop beat.  That has totally changed the documentary and improved it massively. I have also done all the music for the show and uploaded them into the system so that when we are speaking we will have some background music and it wont sound dead if some one forgets something or messes it up. I have add a few instrumentals  just so that the show can vary and it switches a bit

group chat

We had our fist rehearsal on Friday it was just a few of us but it went pretty well i guess we where having some discussion before because the team was in a pretty bad mood and a bit behind but i think we are picking things up really well and we are working to meet the final dead line  we will also be organising some rehearsals with the full team this week but we have a few issues because a team member may have jury duty and another one may not be in that day  but we are planning around that so if that happens we know what to do and how to react. we are almost there.

Also we have worked on great part of the script and it was a team effort because everyone is imputing there side and that is fantastic because people can write in there style, so that when they go to read it, it will be much more fluent for them

Group Chat

I have had a few problems with my group lately because I have finished all of my work this includes the background music and my documentary and this was a lot before some of the people in the group but exactly on time for my dead lines and to meet the requirement but it seems like a problem for some people in my team. The story is that, I was in college studying like I’m in most days working on my project as usual but i usually come in, in the morning because I’m busy in the afternoon so I leave towards 1pm and one day Andrew (that is part of my team) asks me to stay and wait 1 or 2 hours for the rest of the team to come in so that we can have a meeting. I am usually busy the afternoons because I have work or other issues so I wasn’t able, that day also we haven’t scheduled to meet up or anything that day because if we did even the day before i could of made sure i was in for that time but nobody told me anything. The point of this is he really insisted on that and asked me to help with the teams work.I’m not saying I don’t want to help because i want to and I am because I’m doing my part for the shows script but it’s not my task , I tried to explain that I couldn’t stay because of me being busy so after a bit of back and forth he calms and lets me go  but then I receive the following messages from the team that I think weren’t nice

Number 1.PNG

and I replayed with

Number 2.PNG

Then this Number 3.PNG

Then this

Number 4.PNG

so I replayed Number 5.PNG

I was really sorry to hear that from him, because naturally he is going through a really hard moment but I’m not as open as he is and I’m going through  a very tough time myself and i Replayed withNumber 6.PNG

so that’s how the conversation went. I hope that explains why there are some problems but we all are working together and I am working as much as i can to help but just because i finished my work and I’m trying to do some of the script with the rest of the group they want me to do more I don’t really think it’s fair and i can’t take a day off work because i need to help with something that wasn’t assigned to me in first place and the person that has to do it, cant do it because they have to work well instead of asking me to take my time that means time off my work why don’t the other people take time of there work so that they can fur-fill there commitments like I have. Also I think that if someone writes a script for someone else and they are not happy with it and ask to change it, it’s going to be a waste of time. I want to make sure my point comes threw correctly that is I want to help the team as much as I can when I can because I know they are behind but if i’m not able to do it for reasons you can’t force me to do something.

editing the presenter and all the show

So know that I have all the material needed i just finished putting it all together and it sounds great even though there are some ups and downs the ups are that the material I needed is all there with great quality and I have the right message that I wanted to give also think the editing wasn’t too bad. However the downs are that the presenter sounds a bit snappy and the documentary sounds a bit rushed with the fast passe cuts but I think for the genre it’s not that bad but I will work on it to give it more space and air also I put music In the background of the interviews and the presenter and the only low point I have it’s that it’s the same music so I might change it a bit with other similar types of music similar to that because in the end I think for the type of music suits BBC radio Scotland because It’s not put very loud and it’s not to punchy and i think radio Scotland listeners will enjoy it because it’s easy listening and I also have to cut certain areas to make it sound a bit better so I believe the editing is not fully complete but surly close the only thing that bothers me the most but I think the music covers really well is little noises in the back ground but the presenter you can hear like air around her so i want to try edit it out as much as i can apart from that I believe I pretty close to conclusion

Presenter Done

I have managed to record Tia for the presenter we recorded everything with a few takes because of some mistakes, I found that scripting was pretty difficult simply because I wanted it to sound not from a fan of a rap   prospective but from someone who is interested to understand the genre and also I wanted it to suit the presenter because it’s not something she would do so i had to use her vocab to make it easier for her luckily knowing her helped me a lot. Also I want her to show that she is knowledgeable of the subject and has that good feeling in her speech so it took me ages to write, but when i showed her she was happy with it so we went for the recording. We had a few takes and also we had to come in the following day because we forgot to record a part so sadly that’s  something to learn from.

Presenter Recording

For the presenter I wanted a female voice because I already have three of the Interviews being all male so i thought that could break the tone a little bit also this will allow to include even more target audience. I want to make sure her language is not urban and underground, I want something that may have a light Scottish accent and that speaks perfectly English because this is always Radio Scotland. I thought to choose Tia Coppola to do this because I think she would full fill the role completely ticking all the boxes  and also she is very close to me so it will be easier to get in contact with her for the job. On the other hand she could seem a bit cold towards the subject itself because it’s not the type of music she likes and also she might not sound good because it may sound like she is reading from text because she has never done something like this hopefully with the right work we could full fill that.

Interview 3 Complete

So my third and last interview is complete i have obtained what i think is enough information from Sangje that I needed I mean he answered some questions better than others and everyone does that but it was a real pleasure to interview and he had a very interesting view to what a rapper is and what grime represents that I think I will add to the documentary. he has signed the audio released form that  i will attach to this. I think now the documentary is complete I will have to set the script and the story arc for it to how it will follow and what the presenter will say then find a presenter. I’m fully on scheduled with the team so that’s perfect. Now I believe the editing procedure is going to be pretty long the first two interviews are done so all the rest including presenter has to be done but i believe i have enough time to do so and then have time even to practise for the show

meetings times and min also this includes any extra evidence needed.

so this was to make sure the meeting where recoreded and uploaded so this is the link to the major meeting with papi and andrew where you may find a lot more information on the prior posts the link is


for the fist meeting you can find the link below

Information on swot analysis, Team work and the 1 hour show.

so for my swot analysis i think my strength are my editing skills and my comunication with the rest of the team i do also think my documentary is coming out pretty well so i’m going to keep up with that for my weaknesses i think it’s the team work with the team but not from my part because i think people could work better and agree more on different aspects but naturally thats normal people have different ideas and should stand for them but sometimes some people should take a step back and go with other ideas because i do feel i do that a lot and people don’t seem to work with me but i believe i still have to get on with them because thats what you would do i don’t feel there should be any heavy arguing as much there is in our team but apart from that i think people are doing a good work also my second weakness is that i won’t be able to be in next week  so I’m trying to have everything ready for this week and as soon as possible i do think this is also a threat and maybe even the thing i was talking about the team that could be a threat i also think another threat is people getting worried when we will have to present the one hour show because thats what happened for the 30min show and i think it ruined the experience for most people. but the opportunities are to post all this information and share all of it through social media and get people interested in it also the social media helped me a lot with getting interviews so certainly social media is an opportunity to use even more to get people interested or involved and things like instagram, Facebook, Twitter and snap chat are all perfect for this also for the 1 hour show it would a great opportunity to have everything ready early so we can practise before hand so we don’t get things wrong on the day. Also Andrew done a great job with starting to make the template for the script so we are on top of things i will have to start to write a script and hopefully everything will go well. In all i think evaluating all i done i think I’m at a good point i think i can finish everything pretty soon with another couple of days  we have had more communication through Facebook that was good so people have been sending the minutes for the meeting so i hope i will be able to download them soon but if you can’t find them here you will find them in the blogs of the rest of the team  i will comment on them to say what i think  in the end i believe everything is going ok