More on the evaluation. Package and show

The hour long show.

The one hour long show, I feel was okay but could of had a lot more improvements. Firstly because the script was only finished on the day of the show, so we didn’t have enough time to practise it, and also because we had to Improvise for the end. This resulted in me making a huge mistake at the end by saying a word i shouldn’t of said. However on the other hand. we have managed to make up some stories and a chat, that was pretty good. But for the future the script will have to been done a lot more in advance

(for the script please look at the last page)


For the music, we planned to put some background music to our voices but ended up not using it. I feel it was a shame because I was the one that had the role and responsibility to choose the beat and put it on the system and so i did. But when we decided to take it off i was a bit devastated because it was part of my work. However that seemed to actually work because our target audience was based as BBC radio Scotland target audience and they don’t always have that music in the background, they have more speech driven shows. Also I feel that most of our packages had music in the background that gave the show a more of an up beat feel and fur filled for the music that wasn’t there. But if i could change something I would certainly make sure there is some background music to fit in with the radio station because this would aid, to all the parts that have dead air. and also the music would give more of a relaxed feel to the show.

Producing during the show.

I feel everyone worked well on this because, all the levels where correct , nothing was peaking, all the carts, indents and packages where played at the right time. The only fault i could find was at the start of the show, when we had some problems going live. But in the end things resulted pretty well.

The Team during the show.

I feel the team during the show was really good because we all knew where to go, where to stand and what to do. Our communication was really good with each other because one of us was taking the time, to see if we where going in at the right time.  and there was different people doing different jobs. Also if there was questions someone would answer them and make sure that the person asking would understand. So this was also a really good feature to our show.

 The team during prep stage. 

At the start of the project, the team and I where doing really well with going to meetings, making sure people would meet  deadlines and that was great. But with time people slowly started to fall behind, our communication was good  but nobody wanted to push people to accomplishment because people didn’t want to fall out with each other I believe. But this resulted in us not having enough time to practise or write the script or not finishing the documentary on the day we decided to. However we did have good communication which meant we tried helping each other as much as we could, which then lead in some arguments because too many people where busy and not meeting there responsibility. So surly for the future I would push the team more rather than focusing on just completing my work.


The Guest we had for the show was perfect I believe. This is because she gave a lot of information in a way that wasn’t boring, she knew what she was talking about and answered all the questions fantastically. Additionally even though she was young and a DJ she was very professional in the way she talked on the show and acted this I believe helped us appeal to an older audience and that’s exactly what BBC Scotland want. For the future i would certainly have more guests like her because she was also ready before the show, was very friendly and when contacted she came back to us pretty soon. Also the job of getting the guest was Papi’s and he done a great job in getting her for all the reasons above.

Health and Safety.

I already talked about the health and safety I’ve done that for the show and for the package. However I just wanted to mention that i feel that all I have done was more than enough simply because there has been no injures or broken equipment or even lost equipment. I do classify that as a success and I would most certainly do  all the checks i done during the interviews and the show again  and complete the risk management form for all of it making sure i cover everything.



Legal and ethics.

For the legal requirements I have got all the legal forms signed to do the interviews and that was fantastic also I made sure i didn’t change the meaning of the interviewer at any point during the interview so that i can actually bring there views out on the package so I will most certainly do the all again also I respected all offcoms rules and restrictions a part from the bad word that i said on the show. That was a huge mistake and to make sure that never happens again I will be rehearsing my part more and making sure the script is written before. additionally for the future I will comply by all the rules like I done this time and be fully legal. I have also made sure there was no other documentary like mine so i wouldn’t go against the law of copy right and I made sure that I wasn’t defaming at any point on the documentary or on the show because other wise people could of sued me.

script for the show.PNG

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Evaluation of 1 hour show

My group and I have chosen a radio station to do a one hour show. This included in creating a documentary for the specific radio station in question. The radio station we chose was BBC Scotland, because after many discussions  we based the choice in  something we all wanted to talk about so that included culture and music mainly. I believe that, that was a great way of discussing  what are options where because we all had our say and everyone had there inputs on the discussion.

In addition I also believe, that when each member of the team chose the story for there package, each story was suitable to our target audience because we where basing it with exactly what BBC Scotland was looking for and this included in trying to engage with a more  female audience, this was done by Papi and Ida with there documentary’s, and also we looked at talking about the culture of Scotland with Kelly,Andrew and myself.

I believe that the documentary’s where fantastic in the way they where edited and the way they where presented in the end. However I encountered various problems in the process, one of which  was that the documentary’s where finished just on time for the show, that excludes Papi and myself because we had finished them before hand. This is unacceptable on behalf of the team, because that led them in missing deadlines we had assigned our self within the team and has pushed dates for meetings and rehearsals.

That meant that the script writing was rushed because the person that had to write it was behind, and caught up with us right on time for the show. But  that also meant we all had to write our part of the script and that was a issue because our team members have all concluded it only on the day of the show, This hasn’t allowed us to have enough practise to know our parts inside out and meant we had to wing it for the end of the show because we didn’t have enough material ready that then led me into saying a wrong word, live on the show.

I learnt from this, that even if you have completed your work you have to try push the team to do it before hand, and make sure you have a full script and have extra material to talk about just in case of the chat dies out.  This will also allow you more rehearsal time, that won’t make you panic and will make you feel ready for the show.

There has been a lot of ups and downs in my team but I have to say we have had many discussions and fights, for what i believe was due to personal life and panic towards the show. I do recommend in trying to keep personal and social life out of work, this  will help but it can be a very hard thing to do. I have also learnt with my team, that sometimes even if something is wrong, but you can’t get to a conclusion with the rest of the team sometimes it’s best to just accept there idea even if you don’t agree with it. This will allow you to continue and move on.

we all also had responsibility which everyone was involved in, in different ways. My role and responsibility was to find background music for the show. I found the perfect music that suited BBC Scotland target audience because it was very easy listening and up beat, but not standing out too much in front of the presenters voice. I had chosen a few instrumentals to play underneath our show just so it vary, but sadly my team decides to not use any music on the day of the show, that makes me feel really bad because i have put a lot of effort in searching the right sound for BBC radio Scotland. For next time I would like to make it clear that if a job is given to me, I would like that work to be used.

However there was good communication within the team, by creating meetings and online chats for the people that weren’t able to go to the meetings. I do believe that most of our communication was by social media and that created something like a wall between people because sometimes I found it hard to express myself, and I feel that people don’t really want to write a lot and go into detail with where they are with the work. So it might create some miss understanding.

Further more, we also had a guest for the show.  we made sure for health and safety reasons that the studio was clear from any danger, A good example of this is any lying wires or any  microphones or microphone stands lying around.putting away all sharp objects and also making a health and safety form which was handed to the guest prior to coming in, in case of any accidents.

To conclude, I would like to finish of in talking about my producing that i think was very effective, because i had all the levels right when recorded and played the carts and the documentary’s at the right times. Also the flow of the show was really fluent by putting Celtic connection first then going into music and to then finish off with horror because it gave  structure to the show. If i could go back i would certainly improve my script writing because my vocabulary and my accent or not suitable for the radio station chosen so I would make sure i have more practise on that.

I would also like to point out that the show went out for what i believe was the right time, because it was of a very light subject so that the people that where listening could enjoy it, and be relaxed at the same time. without having to focus to much on the subject. This could also be played during the night as a specialist show, just so that it can connect to different audiences that have enough time to listen to it. Not like breakfast time which is very busy quick and full of music,



Evaluation for package

I have chosen rap and grime as my topic of interest due to there being a huge rise in grime music within recent years – this can be seen from the charts to inspiring the fashion industry. I believe it aims to the target audience of BBC Scotland as it has become very prominent within the music scene in the UK, particularly in Scotland, which has generated grime into what it is today – introducing it into the Scottish culture.

I want to show the audience what grime is and the differences in comparison to rap music. I done this by giving examples and information of other music genres as well as those that are very similar.  I wanted to follow a story arc which includes the history of these two genres of music, how they are created as well as what what the future holds for them. While doing the documentary I encountered some issues by talking more about hip hop and rap culture than grime itself. To resolve this I got in contact with many more grime artists for more material to work with and expand on my documentary. If I were to do this again in future, I would make sure to contact five times the amount of people I originally need as I am now aware that not all will get back in contact. I carried out initial research to see if this documentary was of interest to a general audience. I done this by talking to people I knew and asking them questions regarding these two genres of music. I spoke especially to people that knew hip hop and rap music and the result was that everyone was able to tell me that these genres where both different, however were not able to explain it, so I decided to create my project and package on something that would do that once and for all.

At the end of the package I believe I accomplished what I aimed to do, by discussing Grime the most and comparing it to hip hop so that there was a constant back and forth observation between the two. I also feel that I was successful in showing what was grime is at the same time, making the audience understand and appreciate hip hop almost subconsciously.

With my Interviews I have had various problems that I would change if I had the opportunity to do so. The location where the interviews were held would be what I would alter and find an alternative to, due to my first interviews taking place at a music work shop that was not great in terms of noise level because there were constantly doors closing and voices in the background. I would recommend in future, to ensure the location of the interviews are private and a quiet area depending on the interview.

However I do believe this has also been very helpful as it has tested my skills on editing audio and I believe a done a good job in regards to editing; by changing the EQ, cutting and rearranging the audio around without changing the message of what was being said. I also do believe it would have been better to get as many interviews as possible so that there was more choice of audio to choose from. For example, the person in the second Interview I took, (Gavin) gave fantastic information but was very repetitive in answers which made it a challenge to create content from that.

In addition to this, I believe that my research for the right people to interview was correct because I know who they are, what they do as an occupation and what they are involved in in terms of hobbies and socially. This then allowed me to know the right questions to ask as well as some not quite so relevant to the subject, to see if I was able to get extra material. Doing so, did help me because I was able to get some good content from the first interview that was not expected and was included within my final package. My interviewers where all Scottish based artist so that the audience can connect to them. If possible I would have preferred to get more well-known or famous people to speak with, simply because you can get more information on them which will help to form questions for the interview. I did encounter that problem with my last interview because he was an up-coming artist and there was not much information on him, however he was able to explain to me the grime scene in Scotland, how it is growing and where this type of music originates from. Also if I was able to get famous people involved, it would have got the audience more interested in listening to the documentary.

For health and safety, my first two interviews were held in a music workshop which I visited 3 times prior and completed a health and safety risk assessment forum which outlines any problems that could arise during the interview. I checked the equipment for any problems and also made sure there were not any liquids lying around that could cause any electrical fault to the equipment I was using, myself or the interviewee. However, this was not the case for the second interview as it was at the person’s home and I was unable to go beforehand to make any checks or to confirm it was clear for any electrical danger or any other possible form of hazard. If I was to do this again, I would consider requesting the person if I could check their home to make sure that it is safe and if not request to perform the interview in an alternative location.

I chose a female to present the documentary due to all the interviewees being male, the sound of a female voice not only stands out but also helps to appeal to a different gender of audience which BBC radio Scotland is trying to aim more to. The presenter also speaks in very clear voice with a slight touch of a Scottish accent, which is perfect for the target audience as they can connect as well as easily understand. However, an issue occurred when recording the presenter that I would make sure in future to not happen again. I managed to record her but had missed a part on the script, we later had to organise to record the following day. It would have been frustrating for the presenter and in a real life situation I believe this small error would have cost a lot.

to people that like this music but to a wider audience that has diffrent tast in music but that has intrest in knowing more about thier colture so that the listner can simathise with the presenter because they are very a like meaning that they don’t know the music that well so they are just intrested in knowing more about it beacuse it’s part of their colture just like the presenter

I have also learned that you can not always stick to your original plan as problems may arise along the way. I had originally chosen a song to use in the background of the documentary, however it did not suit the subject and atmosphere I hoped to create. I successfully changed this and came to a conclusion to use a hip hop beat whenever an interviewee spoke about it and similarly use a grime beat whenever grime was discussed, so that subconsciously the audience can realise the difference between these genres. This also adds more life the documentary and keeps the audience engaged but not to the extent to distract from what is being spoken.

Furthermore, the preparation for the whole package was not great because I did not set myself deadlines, if I had done so I felt my time would have been managed much better and effectively. On one hand, I tried to do things as soon as possible so that the documentary was ready in time before the deadline date set out to myself and my classmates. This then allowed me more time to edit and think about any changes I wanted to make to the final package. In my opinion, I feel that the whole package meets my brief and I have fulfilled all the requirements that have been asked of me. I am content that I have been able follow and accomplish my main idea and plan which I had pitched to everyone.

preparation before the show (safety)

So with my team we where planing to do a run through on the Monday when we had the show on Wednesday and didn’t go well because only me and Papi showed up, we managed to connect with the parts we had to do but we weren’t able to conclude everything because we where still missing part of the script but we spoke with the rest of the group via Facebook to keep in contact and make sure they would do the right things, That went ok. I do believe there was a lack of conclusion within the team and bits where rushed. we then organised to meet on the Tuesday so we could do more and time it and that came round to be okay, the only problem there was still things to be done on the script and we where worried of how it would work out with the guest because we weren’t sure how long they would talk for so we allocated enough time for her  and if she didn’t speak much we would be able to continue the chat with the last Documentary  so we all relaxed to that idea. We also made sure the day before we had here in there was no dangling wires or stuff lying on the floor or any risk of any problems to make her come in, we also made sure she had a pair of headphones so if she wanted she could hear the whole show.


I have decided to put background music to the documentary. I wasn’t sure of what to put I wanted to put something that would be pretty neutral between rap and grime so i went with (2pac going through changes) but then i heard the documentary as a whole and thought the music being the same the whole time makes you zone out. So i decided to put lots of different beats and the best part of this is that every time the documentary talks about grime there will be a grime beat and every time its talking about hip hop there is a hip hop beat.  That has totally changed the documentary and improved it massively. I have also done all the music for the show and uploaded them into the system so that when we are speaking we will have some background music and it wont sound dead if some one forgets something or messes it up. I have add a few instrumentals  just so that the show can vary and it switches a bit

Group Chat

I have had a few problems with my group lately because I have finished all of my work this includes the background music and my documentary and this was a lot before some of the people in the group but exactly on time for my dead lines and to meet the requirement but it seems like a problem for some people in my team. The story is that, I was in college studying like I’m in most days working on my project as usual but i usually come in, in the morning because I’m busy in the afternoon so I leave towards 1pm and one day Andrew (that is part of my team) asks me to stay and wait 1 or 2 hours for the rest of the team to come in so that we can have a meeting. I am usually busy the afternoons because I have work or other issues so I wasn’t able, that day also we haven’t scheduled to meet up or anything that day because if we did even the day before i could of made sure i was in for that time but nobody told me anything. The point of this is he really insisted on that and asked me to help with the teams work.I’m not saying I don’t want to help because i want to and I am because I’m doing my part for the shows script but it’s not my task , I tried to explain that I couldn’t stay because of me being busy so after a bit of back and forth he calms and lets me go  but then I receive the following messages from the team that I think weren’t nice

Number 1.PNG

and I replayed with

Number 2.PNG

Then this Number 3.PNG

Then this

Number 4.PNG

so I replayed Number 5.PNG

I was really sorry to hear that from him, because naturally he is going through a really hard moment but I’m not as open as he is and I’m going through  a very tough time myself and i Replayed withNumber 6.PNG

so that’s how the conversation went. I hope that explains why there are some problems but we all are working together and I am working as much as i can to help but just because i finished my work and I’m trying to do some of the script with the rest of the group they want me to do more I don’t really think it’s fair and i can’t take a day off work because i need to help with something that wasn’t assigned to me in first place and the person that has to do it, cant do it because they have to work well instead of asking me to take my time that means time off my work why don’t the other people take time of there work so that they can fur-fill there commitments like I have. Also I think that if someone writes a script for someone else and they are not happy with it and ask to change it, it’s going to be a waste of time. I want to make sure my point comes threw correctly that is I want to help the team as much as I can when I can because I know they are behind but if i’m not able to do it for reasons you can’t force me to do something.

Team for the hour long show

We have been in contact a lot with the team through social media to keep up to date with everything we have organised a rehearsal of the show on Monday after the course hours so hopefully that goes well a lot of the people in the actual team I don’t agree with but I have to get a long for the sake of the documentary I prefer to get my ideas heard but I’d rather agree with the team on certain things. I know a few members of the team are running a bit late but should make it with the time so they catch up but some haven’t meant there role and responsibility  I myself have to put the music for the back ground to the show on the system and so  I will on Monday. I hope the rest manage to solve their problems if not I believe some of us have to get involved a help them as much as we can. a part from talking a lot on social media and organising rehearsals we have had group meeting that was pretty good we all agreed on deadlines to meet and we all agreed to help each other, we talked of how the show was going to work and where everybody was at so that we knew what to do. to hear that meeting you can go to this link

so that you can see the meetings minutes to.

editing the presenter and all the show

So know that I have all the material needed i just finished putting it all together and it sounds great even though there are some ups and downs the ups are that the material I needed is all there with great quality and I have the right message that I wanted to give also think the editing wasn’t too bad. However the downs are that the presenter sounds a bit snappy and the documentary sounds a bit rushed with the fast passe cuts but I think for the genre it’s not that bad but I will work on it to give it more space and air also I put music In the background of the interviews and the presenter and the only low point I have it’s that it’s the same music so I might change it a bit with other similar types of music similar to that because in the end I think for the type of music suits BBC radio Scotland because It’s not put very loud and it’s not to punchy and i think radio Scotland listeners will enjoy it because it’s easy listening and I also have to cut certain areas to make it sound a bit better so I believe the editing is not fully complete but surly close the only thing that bothers me the most but I think the music covers really well is little noises in the back ground but the presenter you can hear like air around her so i want to try edit it out as much as i can apart from that I believe I pretty close to conclusion

Presenter Done

I have managed to record Tia for the presenter we recorded everything with a few takes because of some mistakes, I found that scripting was pretty difficult simply because I wanted it to sound not from a fan of a rap   prospective but from someone who is interested to understand the genre and also I wanted it to suit the presenter because it’s not something she would do so i had to use her vocab to make it easier for her luckily knowing her helped me a lot. Also I want her to show that she is knowledgeable of the subject and has that good feeling in her speech so it took me ages to write, but when i showed her she was happy with it so we went for the recording. We had a few takes and also we had to come in the following day because we forgot to record a part so sadly that’s  something to learn from.

Presenter Recording

For the presenter I wanted a female voice because I already have three of the Interviews being all male so i thought that could break the tone a little bit also this will allow to include even more target audience. I want to make sure her language is not urban and underground, I want something that may have a light Scottish accent and that speaks perfectly English because this is always Radio Scotland. I thought to choose Tia Coppola to do this because I think she would full fill the role completely ticking all the boxes  and also she is very close to me so it will be easier to get in contact with her for the job. On the other hand she could seem a bit cold towards the subject itself because it’s not the type of music she likes and also she might not sound good because it may sound like she is reading from text because she has never done something like this hopefully with the right work we could full fill that.